Wisconsin Lions Missions

Bill Taubman, WI Lions Mission Chair

   Every year, numerous Lions head to countries south of our boarders with used eyeglasses from our Eyeglass Recycling Center in Rosholt, donated fire trucks, ambulances and school busses gathered by Lions Clubs around the state, and medical and school supplies such as hospital beds and school desks.  These item are given freely to Lions Clubs in foreign lands that distribute them to needy schools, orphanages and cities.  While on a mission, thousands of used eyeglasses are given out to local residents who probably have never had a pair of glasses in their life.

   Materials taken come from donations accumulated throughout the state.  The used glasses are collected by Wisconsin Lions and processed through the Eyeglass Recycling Center located at the Wisconsin Lions Camp in Rosholt.

   Wisconsin Missions is also teaming up with the ALERT program.  Lions are willing to travel to help people who have experienced a disaster such as the recent hurricane in Texas.  If you would like to become a volunteer, you can find a link for the sign up form below.

ALERT application

Fall Newsletter 2019

Winter Meeting, January 5, 9:43 am Lions Camp

El Salvador 2019

Dear Lions Friends,

This letter begins the recruitment process for the 2019 Wisconsin Lions Missions eyeglass project to El Salvador. With the Nicaragua project currently scheduled to go a week later than this year, the El Salvador project is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2019 until Sunday, March 10, 2019.

In El Salvador the first two project years (2016, 2017) were in the capitol of San Salvador, and the 2018 project was southeast of the capitol in Usulután. Therefore, in order to be able to serve people in different geographical areas, the next project is scheduled to be held northwest of the capitol in Chalchuapa.

I have ordered the glasses and expect to ship them via ocean freight in late June. Upon arrival at the port, the Chalchuapa Lions Club will pick up the glasses and store them until the project start date.

Miriam and I look forward to this next mission, but we also plan to do a major camping trip to National Parks this summer. Therefore I am requesting those who would like to be part of this 2019 mission to send me a note of your interest which includes a $100 registration check. As in the past, this registration fee is used to pay for our meals during the project week, snacks, some supplies, and tips for the hotel staff. This money shows your commitment to the project, but it is understood that it will be refunded to you if extenuating circumstances require you to cancel your participation at a later date.

We don’t have a hotel picked out yet, but Diego is working with the Chalchuapa Lions Club to arrange for a suitable hotel, transportation, food, and so on.

So because Miriam and I will only be in Wisconsin 6 weeks before heading west I am asking anyone who is interested in joining this project to send a $100 check made out to Tom Bredesen, and send it to P.O. Box 67, Three Lakes, WI 54562 by June 25. If there are still vacancies at the time of the summer picnic, you would also be able to register then.

Summer is on the way,

Tom Bredesen

El Salvador Project Director